DJ Service

tel: 087 2222890



Tightrope are pleased to be able to offer an excellent DJ service in addition to the five-piece band. 

Many weddings suffer from a delay between the band and DJ parts of the night, but with Tightrope we can offer a DJ service that starts the second the band finishes.  Using the same PA and Lights system, we also have the advantage of knowing exactly what has been played already in the night’s entertainment so there is no repetition of songs.  For smaller venues it also utilises space very well.

Our DJ, Jimmy, has a vast catalogue of classic tunes, golden oldies as well as modern chart toppers at his disposal so everyone can be catered for. 

If you have particular songs you wish to be included, he will be delighted to add these to the night’s playlist, if you email him a couple of weeks before hand he can ensure he has them with him.

And of course he is happy to play whatever requests your guests come up with on the night.

Our DJ service plays until 2.30am, although some hotels insist on 2am finishes.

The DJ service is also available on a standalone basis, if you have a party or function you require a DJ for, please do not hesitate to contact us.